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72 Hour and Bug Out Bag Basic Checklist

72 Hour and Bug Out Bag Basic Checklist

Having a well maintained 72 hour kit and/or bug out bag is vital. All of the bags we offer will cover the basics you will need, and our more advanced bags will provide you with more than enough to survive! Below you will find a basic rundown of the most vital things you should consider having in your bug out bag and/or 72 hour kit! The nice thing about any kit is the ability to add to it if needed! We recommend you and your family review your kit each year and update where needed! Remember, the list below is in no way the absolute complete list for your kit and your specific needs. It merely serves as a great baseline of items you should look to have in your kit! 

72-Hour Survival Kit Checklist

Make sure to adjust this list to fit your local region and specific family requirements

  Item Notes
Checkbox Drinking Water Three gallons of drinking water stored for each person
Checkbox Sanitation Water Two gallons of washing water for each person (Recommended you utilize the supply you have with your long term emergency food and water supply)
Checkbox Food Three-day supply per peson
Checkbox Shelter Tent or preplanned location for gathering and shelter
Checkbox Wool-blend blanket or sleeping bag One for each person, in waterproof bag or container
Checkbox Stove and fuel Store fuel in safe, yet accessible location
Checkbox Cooking pots & utensils Include manual can opener
Checkbox Flashlights One for each person - LED type preferred
Checkbox AM/FM Radio with batteries Hand Crank or Solar Powered Preferred 
Checkbox Batteries Enough batteries to run all flashlights and radio continuously for 3 days
Checkbox Long-burning Candle Emergency lantern a good substitute
Checkbox Lantern Solar or battery powered lantern 
Checkbox Light or glow sticks For use as markers and to comfort small children
Checkbox Windproof/waterproof matches  
Checkbox Second method to start fire High quality fire starter
Checkbox Disposable plates, cups and utensils. Paper towels.  
Checkbox Ziplock bags Various sizes. Great for storing items
Checkbox Duct tape 2 Large Rolls Recommended
Checkbox Plastic sheeting Look to add 1 or 2 thick tarps if possible. 
Checkbox Tools Include shovel, hatchet or axe, pocket knife. A solid multi tool can cover most of this. 
Checkbox First aid kit and supplies With first aid manual. Include burn gel and large dressings. An absolute must
Checkbox Prescription medicines taken regularly Since no kit will come with your specific prescriptions, you will need to add these on your own.
Checkbox Potassium iodide tablets In case of radiation exposure
Checkbox Emergency battery pack for cell phone Make sure phone is accessible and operational in shelter location. Getting a solar phone charger would be great. 
Checkbox Rope  For emergency shelter construction. Utilize tarps as well. Great backup to a tent. 
Checkbox Whistle with neck cord  
Checkbox Water Filtration Bottle or Lifestraw
Checkbox Toilet paper  
Checkbox Thick Garbage Bags For toilet liner and other uses
Checkbox Rubber gloves Small and large sizes.
Checkbox Dust masks  
Checkbox Bottle of disinfectant Lysol and/or Clorox
Checkbox Personal comfort kit Soap, toothbrush and paste, comb, tissue, sanitary napkins, razor, and other needed items. Sewing kit. 
Checkbox Spare eyeglasses/contacts In case main set are broken or unavailable
Checkbox Pet food and supplies if needed  Include extra drinking water for pet
Checkbox Fire extinguisher Class ABC type
Checkbox Money At least $500 in kit. Include small bills, quarters for phone calls, etc.
Checkbox Important Papers Copies of important documents: wills, birth certificates, insurance forms, emergency phone numbers.
Checkbox Pillows and foam sleeping pads Not essential but very nice to have
Checkbox Stress Relievers Games, books, hard candy. For children: small toys, paper and pen, small stuffed animal.
Checkbox Extra Clothing A complete outfit of appropriate clothing for each family member. Include extra socks, underwear, hat, sturdy shoes, and gloves
Checkbox Emergency reflective blanket  
Checkbox Pack for items to be stored in In case of evacuation


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