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Do You Have a 72 Hour Kit? Here's a Few Reasons Why You Should

Do You Have a 72 Hour Kit? Here's a Few Reasons Why You Should

Do You Have a 72 Hour Kit for You and Each Member of Your Family? Here's a few reasons why you should...

We say it time and time again...the first step to take when building your emergency supply is to build/get a 72 hour kit for you and each member of your family. But, why is that, and what exactly does a 72 hour kit contain? 

Why You Need a 72 Hour Kit

Predicting when a disaster may strike is easier said then done. If we knew exactly when bad things were going to happen, then preparedness would be much easier. But, we don't. 

Even when we have days notice in advance (like hurricane Harvey, Irma, and others) many people still fail to prepare properly Arrange 
Freeze Dried Food. Following hurricane Katrina, even local, state, and federal government agencies got on board with the idea of people having 72 hours of food, water, medical, and other supplies available. 

Reason being, typically it takes up to 3 days for emergency personnel to respond following a disaster. Following Katrina, many people were left stranded without food, water, and power for 3 days (some even more) before FEMA and others were able to reach them. Would you and your family be ready for that?  3 days with no food, water, or power.    

That's where the 72 hour kit comes in. Now this isn't to say we should simply get a 72 hour kit and expect things to always be fine again after 3 days because the government will step in. If history has shown us anything, it's that bureaucracies are inefficient and slow to respond. As preppers, we must prepare to help ourselves, not rely on the government to help us following a disaster. A 72 hour kit is the first step in doing that. 

By having one, you'll know that if disaster were to strike, you would have immediate supplies you could rely on at your home, or if you had to leave and take it with you. 

What Does a 72 Hour Kit Typically Contain?

A 72 hour kit is typically a backpack (or at times a bucket) stocked with vital items you may need in an emergency. These kits can range from very basic, to advance. No matter your experience level, any kit you buy and or build should have, at a minimum, the following: 

1) 3 days worth of water
2) 3 days worth of food
3) A first aid kit
4) A stove/fuel source to cook food (if hot water is needed)
5) Copies of your drivers license and other vital documents stored in a water proof zip lock bag
6) Some cash

That is the bare minimum of what every kit should have. You want to know that you'll be ok for 3 days on 
Freeze Dried Food and water, and that you have some medical supplies if needed. You'll also want copies of vital documents just in case you need to grab your bag and go and your home is destroyed. 

Beyond that, a good 72 hour kit should also have items like a flashlight, batteries, matches, a fire starter, a water filter, iodine tablets, a good knife and/or multi tool, a change of clothes, etc. We've actually created a rough outline of items to consider for those wanting to build their own 72 hour kit. You can view that by 
clicking here.

If building your own 72 hour kit is something that interests you, let me know! We have access to hundreds of items that make ideal 72 hour kit supplies. We have items well beyond what you see on our site as well. You can first start by getting the essential items mentioned above, then build little by little as your budget allows! Just email us at and we can get started on building you a 72 hour kit from scratch! 

For those who would rather just buy an already put together kit that has all the essentials they need, we have plenty of those as well! They all come with additional room also so you can add items to the kits as time goes on to make them even better! You can view all of our put together kits by clicking here! 

Having a 72 hour kit will give you peace of mind knowing that if disaster were to strike, you would have the essential supplies you need to survive the initial fallout. It is the first step everyone should take when building their emergency supply! 

If you do not have a 72 hour kit for you and each member of your family, make sure to get one today! 

Happy Prepping! 

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