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Don't Wait Until the Last Minute to Prepare, Instead Be Like Noah

Posted by Tanner Stoker on


If the Rain is Already Falling, it's Too Late 

When talking about preparedness, I love to use the example from the Old Testament of Noah. Most, if not all, of you are probably familiar with that story, so no need to recount the entire thing. However, there is one key fact that I'd like to focus on and use as an example of how we should act today with regards to our prepping.  

Noah Started Preparing Well in Advance for the Flood, Before A Single Drop of Rain Even Fell. In fact, some accounts estimate that Noah was warned and began to prepare for the flood 120 years before it even happened. Had he waited, he would not have had the time to build his ark and prepare properly.

How does this apply to us? We too should be preparing for life's "floods" well before they happen. Did you know that grocery stores work on the Just in Time theory of supply? Basically, they want their food and supplies to arrive just in time for them to sell. They never want to have more then 3 days worth of inventory.

How does this work when a disaster strikes and people need food and supplies quickly? It means everything is gone, quickly! As examples of this, look to Katrina or any of the past hurricanes. How do you think it would be if something worse happened?

You cannot expect to be able to prepare at the last minute. At that point, it's too late. Just as Noah prepared well in advance for the flood (and was mocked and laughed at because of it), we too should be preparing for life's many possible floods well in advanced.

So what can and should we be doing to prepare for the coming floods? Here's where you can start: 
  • Buy/build a well equipped 72 hour kit for you and each member of your family. These kits should have, at a minimum, 3 days worth of food and water, plus key medical supplies. You can learn how to build a kit by clicking here, or buy a pre-made kit by clicking here. 
  • Get 1 weeks worth of water storage (2 gallons per adult per day, 1.5 gallons per child under 12). This week supply can come in the form of bottled water from Walmart or Costco, or by storing water in water containers like the ones we have here. 
  • Get 1 weeks worth of emergency food. This week food supply can be made up of canned food from the store and other store bought items, or you can always simply buy some pre-made 1 week emergency food kits, like this one here. 
  • The above items are just the starting point. However, by even doing the 3 things above, you will be more prepared then 90% of Americans! Start by crossing off each item above, then work to build that 1 week food and water supply into a month, then 2 months, then 3 months, and so on and so forth.

    Just like Noah built the ship piece by piece and not overnight, you too can build your emergency supply little by little. Before you know it, when the floods come, you'll be ready!

    Small repetitive actions add up to massive results over time. Adding a little to your emergency supply each week or month will get you to where you need to be before you know it! 

    Happy Prepping!


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