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Free Shipping on Orders over $199!
Buy Premium Meat Bundle  at Shop Food Storage

Buy Premium Meat Bundle at Shop Food Storage

Choose Meat Bundle for taste lover - try it  

Are you the one who is looking for the emergency food-storing Meat Bundle that will provide you the ready to eat food that gets ready within just 5 minutes? Yes! You're at the right place we are a Shop food storage company offering the best storing of food. The products we offer here are organic fruits and vegetables, fresh whey milk, and the Meat Bundle these foods remain fresh for a longer period of time and thus have a shelf life of more than 25 years. The shop food storage company's main purpose is to provide the best as well as the high quality of the Meat Bundle to families. We take care of the families who were suffering and facing the hard times of their life whether it may be because of a flood, drought, earthquake, or anything they were surviving without food so we are offering these emergency ready-made food at such a reasonable price. 

The shop food storage company offers a variety of products for families which are healthy and made up without adding any preservatives and any other chemicals. Shop food storage is based in Henderson, Nevada and the main reason for running this company is they believe that food and water are the things that every human needs for their survival and other were sometimes when people don't have due to emergencies cases, So that's why we are offering such a healthy and nutritious meat buckets, and organic fruits and veggies. The food we are offering is well packed and especially takes care of hygiene. Because nowadays we see people are more conscious towards the hygiene and how the company is maintained it. Therefore we believe in the quote which is said by Benjamin Franklin, which means that we prepared for tomorrow because we don't know what tomorrow may bring to us. 

120 servings of Meat Bundle

The best quality items we're providing too many families here in Meat Bundle are, 6 CT cases old country pasta alfredo with chicken,  6CT cases of crest creamy pasta and chicken 60 servings of bonus rice with Freeze-dried Meat bucket, and also include 120 servings of Meat Bundle. The 120 meat bucket is a healthy and tasty, ready-to-eat bucket that costs nearly around $500. This bucket is the best choice for families because this is having 40-plus serving of rice, Roasted Chicken, Teriyaki Chicken, Stroganoff Beef, Roasted Beef , Rice, and Cheesy Beef. These all have a maximum serving of about 7-8 and will provide a highly nutritious calory to the people. The packets are well packed in the Metallyte pouches this will prevent them from getting expired and keep them fresh as it is just made. 

So therefore we are the best choice for families when it comes to emergency stored food because it is prepared quickly without wasting time, and you can easily purchase it directly from our website.

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