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Mountain House Adventure Meals - Shop Food Storage

Mountain House Adventure Meals - Shop Food Storage

The Mountain House Adventure Meals is a company that is the parent company of Oregon Freeze Dry. The company was started in 1969 to serve food to the United States special forces when the Vietnam conflict was going on and the military has put a request to prepare food that tastes delicious and also tastes for a longer period of time. Also, weighed less than K and C rations. Thus the company started making freeze-dried food for the Long Range Patrol rations of the military and has opened other branches also and offer there with the same taste and quality. In the best interest of the company, Mountain House Adventure Meals is going in a good direction with a military surplus and had sold out products from many stores with a good tasting to the other military centers also.

Now there are other competitors as well who are serving well but there are reasons to choose us when it comes to the best freeze-dried mountain house food. 


- We are with you from the North pole to the South Pole.

- We are at the top of the Mountain range with over 50 Years. 

- Serves you even to the moon & Back. 

Our customers have been with us for over 50 years and trust our brand. They think that we are the best company when it comes to hygiene because we provide packed food for your emergency needs, Mountain tracking needs, Traveling needs, and for your survival. Thus we also provide a clean and hygienic meal, with no mess up, and specially cooked food which can be stored for longer periods. The  Mountain House Adventure Meals is best suited for people who are busy in their life and for people who are traveling from one place to another and need well-cooked food to eat, Mountain House is the best for you. 

The company is based in Oregon, lush Willamette Valley which is exactly the south of Portland, and this is the place hometown where we prepared this delicious meal for you. And the food is ordered from the website also and from your nearby sporting goods retailers. Also, we are proud to be a part to end children's hunger by providing meals to the children with over 311430 donations. 

The meal we offer here is, 

- 30 Days emergency meal

- Adventure meal to make your trip super cool.

- Simple sensations food for your cravings

- Pro pack to boost your energy and body. 

We believe in the three things that our company describes and how we are the favorite freeze-dried Mountain House Adventure Meals. For us three things matter the most, they are,

- Transparency in the quality of food.

- Great Tasting so people loved it with its first bite.

- Convenient for stored purposes. 

Therefore the food we offer here is easy to prepare as it gets ready in just a few minutes approx 5-10 minutes. And Freeze Dried Food gets dehydrated and remains fresh whenever you eat it. So what are you waiting for? Choose, and order Mountain House Meals for your next adventure trip.

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