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Prepper Tip of the Week #2

Posted by Tanner Stoker on

     #PrepperTip of the week! For those with children under 1, it is not enough to simply have a long term supply of freeze dried or dehydrated foods. That will not provide a baby with the necessary nutrients needed to grow as they should. Consider stocking up on formula (even if you breast feed) so you'll be able to rest assured that your baby will be taken care of and their needs will be met. In a shtf scenario, people will go to great lengths to get formula. It will be gone quick!

     Costco has an affordable formula that is similar to the major brands but half the cost. Each time you get formula, get 2 instead of 1. That way you can build up your supply on a budget! Slowly work towards having enough formula for your baby to get through their first year of life. Make sure to store enough water specifically for the formula as well!

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