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Prime Example of Why You Should Prepare Now, and Not Wait

Prime Example of Why You Should Prepare Now, and Not Wait

Price Gouging During Hurricane Harvey: Up to $99 for a case of water, $10 for a gallon of gas, Texas AG says.

The entire purpose of "prepping" is to be prepared for whatever disaster may come your way. It was sad to see so many people in Texas who were rushing to the store the day before Harvey hit attempting to buy food and water, only to find the shelves empty, or the water priced as high as $99 per case. 

The truth is, that all could have been avoided had people simply made it a priority to prepare in advance. Most people imagine only needing their food or water storage for a major disaster that sends society into a spiral. As we've seen these past few days though, it could also be used for natural disasters, like Harvey. 

To use a popular story from the Bible, Noah built the boat before the rains came. He didn't try to build it as it started to rain. We too need to do our best to prepare before the storm (whether it be natural disasters, economic collapse, or worse).

We can build our "boat" starting today by getting a well equipped
72 hour kit, grabbing a few extra cases of water at the store each week, and getting a bucket or 2 of long term food storage with some cans each month. Just start today and do what you can. Something is better then nothing. If you don't know what to do first, here's a priority list to help: 

1) Get a 72 Hour Kit for you and each member of your family.
2) Get 1 weeks worth of water storage (2 gallons per adult per day, 1.5 gallons per child under 12). 
3) Get 1 weeks worth of emergency food.

By doing the 3 items above, you'll be better off then 90% of Americans should a disaster strike. That however, is only the beginning. Continually work to build your food, water, and emergency supplies up throughout the year. 

It's sad to see so many people in the situation they are currently in because of hurricane Harvey. Let us all learn from it and take inventory of our own emergency supplies. 
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