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Put Your Food Storage on Auto Pilot With This!

Posted by Tanner Stoker on

Put Your Food Storage Growth on Auto-Pilot With our Monthly Food Storage Supply Drop! 

Building a well rounded emergency food supply can seem daunting. Trying to figure out what to get and how much, if you should get freeze dried or dehydrated, and many other questions often leads people to put it off until another time (code for it never gets done). 

Recognizing this issue, I decided to create the Food Storage Supply Drop. With this supply drop what we do is send you a well balanced box of emergency food, water, and supplies every single month.

We'll include individual pouches, cans, pails, and other emergency food and water items for you from all of the brands we carry (Wise, Mountain House, Emergency Essentials, Augason Farms, Valley Food Storage, etc). This will allow you to build your food supply on a budget each and every month! 

Not only that, it will allow you to test many of the different food brands we carry since they'll come in individual cans or pouches. By doing this, you'll learn which brands you do and do not like. This will save you from learning the hard way that you don't like a particular brand after you've already bought a big bulk supply! 

So, if you're looking to build your emergency food supply, then make sure to sign up for our Food Storage Supply Drop today where you can put your food storage growth on auto-pilot! 

Learn More/Sign Up: Click Here

Happy Prepping! 

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