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Valley Food Storage: A more natural choice!

Posted by Tanner Stoker on

Valley Food Storage Products Now Available! A Healthy and Natural Choice.

At Shop Food Storage we are constantly working to provide you, our customers, with a wide variety of food and emergency products to choose from. We are happy to announce that we recently started carrying Valley Food Storage products!

What Makes Valley Food Storage Different From Other Food Brands?

-No Fillers
-No Artificial Preservatives or Chemicals
-No Hydrogenated Oils
-Gluten Free Options
-Non GMO
-Non MSG

When the Valley Food team prepares their foods, they take great care in making sure what you get is the best product on the market. They eliminate all the unhealthy preservatives, hydrogenated oils, MSG’s and many other ingredients that limit the nutritional value, shelf life, and taste.

What you are left with is simply the highest quality long term food storage you can find. Your next question will be “Ok, sounds good but how did you do it?” The simple answer is that they got together with their food scientists to come up with recipes and processes that will give us the product we wanted.

The next step was to go out and source the individual ingredients to ensure quality. Buying ingredients from the biggest factory just for the wholesale price isn’t a part of their equation. Then, they go through the long process of freeze drying and/or dehydrating the foods and combining them into amazingly high quality products. And they individually nitrogen flush each Mylar bag.

When they prepare their foods, they take great care in making sure what you get is the best product on the market. Period.

For the reasons listed above, we here at Shop Food Storage are more then happy to be partnering with this great, reputable company. We carry many of their food storage kits and emergency supplies, and will continue to expand upon their available product line in the future.

We have done our best to provide the best pricing around as well! Click below to view all current Valley Food Storage Products available on our site!


View Valley Food Storage Products: Click Here

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