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Food Storage Payment Plans

How It Works: 

Step 1: Choose the food supply kit below that fits your family's needs! 

Step 2: Choose how often you'd like to pay and have a portion of the supply sent your way (monthly, every 2 months, or quarterly)! After each payment, we send a portion of the supply your way. Once the specific kit selected is complete, payments end.

Step 3: Place an order and have a portion of the emergency food supply kit sent your way following each payment! You can cancel or pause at any time.

Want to Speed up How Fast You Complete the Kit?

Simply increase the amount in the quantity box from 1 to 2 and we'll send double the amount of food each payment. Change it to 3 and we'll send triple the amount. So if you want a kit below that lists 36 payments, but you want to complete it in 12 months, simply change the quantity box to 3 and set it to deliver every month. That means each payment we'll send 3 shipments worth of food to you instead of just 1 shipment!  


Having food storage is important, but having water storage is just as important! For anyone who signs up for one of our Food Payment Plans (Monthly Dropbox excluded), we'll throw in a free 7 gallon water container to help you get started on your water storage as well with your first order in each payment plan!