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275 Gallon Super Tanker

  • $619.99
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  • Holds 250 gallons
  • Fits through standard doors for easy installation
  • Takes up little space
  • Keep an extra supply of water in the home with the Augason Farms Super Tanker Water Storage. This 250-gallon water storage tank is designed to take up less floor space than average 55-gallon drums but still hold more water, so you have more room in your storage area for other things. Made from FDA- and HPB-approved food-grade polyethylene, this tank will safely store an emergency supply of water, keeping it clean and pure. The innovative tank design uses a gravity-fed system, which eliminates the need for water pumps; this in turn ensures that you will always have water, even when the power goes out. The two spigots on the 250-gallon water storage tank can be hooked up to a hose to make access to the water easy and reliable. Its long thin design of the tank is made to fit through standard-sized doorways.


    Manufacturer Part Number
    Augason Farms
    Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)

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