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30 Day Food Storage Emergency Food Supply

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We’ve updated the look of our 30-Day 1-Person Emergency Food Supply!

But you can still count on the same impressive nutrition—1,854 calories and 47 grams of protein per day!

Our new 30-day supply has the same high-quality, delicious meals as our original 1-month pail.

You can also count on the 5-star rating and exceptional reviews from our original kit. Here’s just one example:

“I opened [my pail] and decided to eat it over a period of a month to see how it has held up. What I have tried so far has been pretty darn good! I think I made a good choice in buying these. Am planning to get more.” – Michael K.

With a QSS™-Certified Food Supply*, you’re guaranteed to have at least of 1,800 calories and 40 grams of protein.

That's per person, per day!

In fact, this emergency food supply provides much more than that!

You'll get a total of 1,854 calories and 47 grams of protein per person, per day.

This excludes empty calories that come from foods like sugary drinks.

With nourishment like this, you're in a better position to survive and thrive during a crisis...

...something very few emergency kit brands can claim.
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Product highlights:

  • 307 servings of food carefully selected to nourish 1 person for 30 days
  • Nutritionally balanced with entrées, soups, breakfast, dry powdered milk and fruit snack
  • Averages 1,854 calories per day
  • Easy to prepare; just add water, simmer and ready in minutes 
  • Includes 30-day and 45-day meal planner
  • Provides survival food for home, RV, cabin, houseboat, student dorm room, and the workplace
  • Perfect for long-term food storage, emergency food supplies, and everyday use
  • 8.5-gallon watertight pail is easy to transport
  • Shelf life ranges from 10 to 25 years*
Our 30-Day and 45-Day Meal Planner is unlike anything you'll find in other emergency food kits.

We've taken the guesswork out of daily meal preparation with this unique Meal Planner.

In an emergency, it's important to have a balanced number of calories each day for as many days as possible.

For emergencies longer than 30 days, the 45-day planner helps you stretch your supply.

It’s safe to say this meal planner could be a lifesaver.

Nutrition Facts and Ingredients   

30-Day Meal Planner

Includes Qty Servings
Cheesy Broccoli Rice 5 8 per pouch
Creamy Chicken-Flavored Rice 6 8 per pouch
Creamy Potato Soup 6 8 per pouch
Elbow Macaroni 2 7.5 per pouch
Cheese Powder 1 15 per pouch
Hearty Vegetable Chicken-Flavored Soup  4 8 per pouch
Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal 6 10 per pouch
Morning Moo’s® Low Fat Milk Alternative 2 20 per pouch
Homestyle Mashed Potatoes 1 8 per pouch
Banana Chips 2 8 per pouch
Calories per Day: 1,854
Total Calories: 55,630
Protein per Day: 47 grams per person
Total Protein: 1,408 grams
Water to Hydrate Food: Approx. 15 gallons
Total Quantity: 35 pouches
Container Size: 8.5-gallon pail with handle
Net Weight: 29 lbs 12.41 oz (13.5 kg)
Shelf Life: Up to 25 years**

*Best when stored in a cool, dry place at temperatures between 55°F and 70°F.  Actual shelf life may vary based on individual storage conditions.

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