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55 Gallon Water Container

55 Gallon Water Container

  • $109.99

55-Gallon water barrel is one of the easiest and most effective ways to store water for long term. A person can live for weeks without food, but without water your body can be significantly damaged in a matter of days. That is why, in an emergency, water may be the most important supply to have available. 

  • No additional shipping cost beyond our normal shipping charges
  • The dark blue color of this 55 gallon barrel restricts light and helps control growth of harmful algae and bacteria
  • New and ready to use
  • It is recommend that you store your barrel out of direct sunlight and on a pallet or wood riser to keep it off the direct ground.
  • Regularly rotating your water helps flush out any accidental contamination.
  • Use an Emergency Siphon for easy draining.
  • For outdoor storage, set on NE corner of your home to reduce exposure to sunlight. Also be sure to protect barrel from freezing temperatures, or leave 9 " of headspace to allow for expansion.
TECH SPECS Water drum dimensions: 34 3/4" x 22 3/4"
Water barrel weight after filling with water is approximately 480 lbs. 
  • Made from Heavy-duty, thick, high molecular weight polyethylene FDA approved resin and BPA free
  • Barrel thickness - 0.090 inches (2.2 mm)
Replacement bung nuts sold separately.

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