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Freeze Dried Vegetable Variety Pack

  • $119.99

Augasons Farm’s Freeze-Dried Vegetable Variety Pail gives you a wide variety of healthy freeze-dried vegetables that are a nutritious staple for your family. You can toss vegetables into delicious stir fry or curries, blend into a fresh hot stew, prepare crunchy fresh salads and even whip up a savory side dish. The nutrition of the freeze-dried veggies is maintained giving them a long shelf life and they are ready to use when you need them. With this kind of convenience, it’s easy to see how this kit is perfect for long-term emergency food storage and everyday use.



Total Servings

Freeze-Dried Sweet Peas 1 15
Freeze-Dried Potato Dices 1 15
Freeze-Dried Sweet Corn 1 20
Freeze-Dried Broccoli Stems & Florets 1 15
Freeze-Dried Green Beans 1 20
BONUS: Dehydrated Chopped Onions 1 24
Total Varieties: 5
Total Quantity: 6 Pouches
Total Servings: 109 servings, including bonus servings of Dehydrated Onions
Total Calories: 2,665
Pail Size: 4-gallon pail with handles
Pail Weight: 1 lb. 10 oz.
Shelf Life: Up to 20 years*

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