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Kickr IV, Portable Solar Charger, 6.0 Watts Output, Camo

  • $71.99

The EnerPlex Kickr IV is perfect for the Outdoorsman. From the top of a mountain to the base of a river the user can use the Kickr IV and capture solar energy to charge any type of USB enabled device. Featuring a light foldable and flexible body weighing less than a pound, the unit can be easily strapped to a backpack or bike, making transportation effortless. The Kickr IV can charge a wide variety of electronic devices including phones, tablets, camera chargers, and GPS's at the same rate of a wall outlet. The Kickr IV delivers 6.0 watts of regulated power through a standard 5V USB 2.0 connector, allowing it to interface with a wide variety of electronics.

  • Solar panel made with flexible and rugged plastic
  • Weather resistant and easily foldable
  • Features a variety of elastic bands for attaching to bags, bikes and more
  • Easily folds into a compact unit for transportation
  • 6.5 watts of unregulated power
  • 6 Watts of Solar Power delivering 5V, 1A in direct sun. Providing direct charging via standard USB port
  • Patented CIGS technology provides the highest power density to weight ration using the thinnest and lightest flexible solar panels on the market

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