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Free Shipping on Orders over $199!
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The M-17 Medic Kit is a classic vintage style, 6 compartment, fully stocked first aid kit. Only available in Original Olive Drab and classic metal clips and hooks. The M-17 Medic Kit is a vintage Vietnam canvas bag that has been slightly changed to improve ergonomics while keeping true to the classic design. Perfect for the prepper that wants a vintage look with the proper first aid supplies.

Item Quantity  Item Quantity 
Skin and eye wash 1 Hand sanitizer 2 oz. 1
Hand soap 1  Calamine lotion 6 oz. 1
Lubrication jelly 3 Burn spray 1
Sam/Universal splint 1 Multi-trauma dressing 5
BleedStop bandage 5 Elastic bandage 6" 2
Elastic bandage 2" 12 Sterile pads 4"x4" 4
Sterile pads 2"x2" 10 Abdominal pads 5"x9" 10
Eye pads 2 Triangular bandage 2
Bandage strip 3"x1" 100 Butterfly strip 2"x3" 10
Knuckle bandage 10 Instant ice pack 3
Stethoscope 1 Lip treatment jelly 1
EMT shears 1 Hemostats 2
Tweezers 1 Skin probe 1
Scalpel handle 3" 1 Scalpel blades 2
Pen light 1 Suture set 2
First aid book 1 Safety pins 6
Pill bottles 2 Pair latex gloves 6
Pain reliever/Aspirin 14 Rubber Tourniquet 1
First aid cream package 4 Triple antibiotic package 4
Burn aid package 2 Tape 1" 5
Alcohol wipes 15 Iodine PVP wipes 15
Antiseptic BZK wipes 15 Clean wipes 15
After bite wipes 6 Ammonia inhalants 2
CPR mask 1 Air ways 2
Tongue depressor 2 Box of 100 cotton tips 1


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