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Monthly Food Storage Supply Drop

  • $49.99

Looking to build your food storage supply, but aren't sure which food or food brand to get? Before you commit to buying a bulk food kit that will cost more upfront, why not get some smaller individual pouches, cans, buckets, and emergency food items to test different meals so you know what brand you like, while at the same time building up a long term emergency supply?

With our Monthly Food Storage Supply Drop we'll send you different meal pouches, cans, drinks, pails, and emergency food items each month from the various brands we carry (Wise, Mountain House, Augason Farms, Alpine Air, Emergency Essentials, Valley Food Storage, etc). You will receive a variety of food each month (or every other month if you choose), allowing you and your family members to grow your emergency food supply and also test the different meals and brands together! You can cancel at any time, no long term contract needed!

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