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Premium Emergency 1-Year Food & Water Bundle (1 Person)

Premium Emergency 1-Year Food & Water Bundle (1 Person)

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Premium Emergency 1-Year Food Supply & Water Bundle includes a 1-year emergency food supply for 1 person (averaging 1,822 calories per day) and a complete water storage and filtration system. See below for complete details.

  • 307 servings per pail
  • 10 varieties of meals, snacks and milk
  • Easy to prepare meals, just add water and simmer.
  • Features bestselling entrees and snacks, plus customers’ favorite Morning Moo’s® Milk.
  • Food Shelf Life up to 20 years*.
  • 55-gallon BPA-free water barrel with siphon hose and hand pump.
  • Water filtration kit filters up to 120 gallons.

Water Barrel & Filtration System comes with a food-grade polyethylene 55-gallon water barrel (does not contain BPA), one 6-foot siphon hose and hand pump, 2 bottles of Aquamira water treatment drops and one barrel-lid opener (that doubles as a pail opener). The Augason Farms Water Barrel Kit is a closed water storage system with two fittings (1 two-inch BTR and 1 two-inch NPS) and an easy to use hand siphon pump. The Aquamira liquid water treatment drops are ideal for large water treatment needs (up to 60 gallons), but packaged small enough to fit into your pocket. The treatment drops four-year shelf life is not affected by partial use of a bottle. It's effective on bacteria, viruses and cysts. No unpleasant aftertaste and meets stringent EPA guidelines. The bucket lid opener allows quick and easy opening of barrels, pails and buckets without lid damage.

This one-year survival food and gear kit is your food-prep solution. It comes with 12 waterproof pails, each providing plenty of great-tasting, nutritious and easy-to-prepare food for one person every month for a full year. With 307 servings and 54,660 calories per pail, you’ll average 1,822 calories per day. That’s an impressive number of calories per day considering most emergency food kits on the market provide calories well below 1,000 per day.

Our foods are developed with the highest quality and most nutritious ingredients available, so when emergency situations arise, you can rest assured that you and your family will be well fed and well-nourished with food that tastes great. And, you’ll be pleased with how easy the meals are to prepare. Most simply require adding water and simmering on the stove for 15 to 20 minutes. It’s that easy to enjoy a much needed hot meal.

Includes # Pouches Servings per Pouch
Cheesy Broccoli Rice 5 8
Creamy Chicken Flavored Rice 6 8
Creamy Potato Soup 6 8
Elbow Macaroni 2 7.5
Cheese Powder 1 15
Hearty Vegetable Chicken Flavored Soup 4 8
Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal 6 10
Morning Moo’s® Low Fat Milk Alternative 2 20
Instant Potatoes 1 8
Banana Chips 2 8
BONUS: 30- & 45-Day Meal Planners
Products Specifications
Total Varieties: 10 per pail
Total Quantity: 12 pails
Total Servings: 307 per pail
Total Calories: 54,660 per pail
Calories per day: Approx. 1,822 per person
Water to Hydrate: Approx. 18 gallons per pail
Pail Size: 7-gallon pail with handle
Pail Dimensions: 21” high x 13” diameter
Pail Weight: Approx. 29 lb. 4.37 oz. (13.47 kg) per pail
Shelf Life: Up to 20 years*

Product Specifications - Water Barrel & Filtration

1 55-gallon food-grade water barrel (23.5" w x 32.25" h)
1 6-foot siphon hose with hand pump
2 bottles of Aquamira water treatment drops
1 bucket/barrel lid opener

Nutrition Facts, Ingredients, Directions

*Shelf life up to 20 years. Unopened products included within a pail retain their shelf life after kit container is opened. Best when stored in a cool and dry place at temperatures between 55°F and 70°F. Actual shelf life may vary based on individual storage conditions.

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