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Super Tanker 275-Gallon Emergency Water Storage Tank

  • $619.99
  • Save $220

The super tanker 275-gallon emergency water storage tank is constructed with FDA and hpb-approved food grade polyethylene allowing you to safely store pure water free from chemical contamination. The innovative tank design uses a gravity-fed system, which eliminates the need for expensive water pumps that don't work when the power goes out. The two spigots on the water storage tank can be hooked up to a hose making it easy to dispense water even when the tank is full or when the water supply gets low. 

  • FDA & hpb approved food grade polyethylene tank
  • Gravity-fed water system
  • Fits through standard sized doorways
  • Ideal for rain water collection, emergency water storage, and everyday use
  • Perfect for emergency water storage in the event of water contamination and natural disaster

*Due to the size of product, shipping can take anywhere from 5 days, to 3 weeks.*

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